Thoughts Board

  We invited our Conference delegates to add their thoughts and comments to our thoughts board during the Conference and these have been collected and presented below.

We  now welcome any further relevant comments which reflect your current perception .

   Has your opinion changed or do you wish to add to your (or anyone else’s ) thoughts?


If I come to the conference do I have to wear a dress?

The female version of this shirt is pink, but it fits better than the far cooler male version….

Lots of women and girls are conditioned to dislike pink simply because it is associated with ‘femininity’ and therefore lesser- I hated pink for years for no good reason- but then we’re also not allowed choice/ to avoid pink if we want to is hard

Very true! My primary objection is the lack of choice. My notebook is bright pink but I prefer my clothes darker.Frieda

You’ve hit puberty, time to shave/pluck any sign of it!

How will social networking change or impact gender?

We need feminism but we need more good practices for protecting every gender identity and sexual orientation in the academic …..(in academia?)

There is no woman’s or man’s way of writing

Ever read a German book?

presumably men and women and all genders WRITE using gendered pronouns in the same way though?

‘I don’t know if I can be friends with him until I know if he is an Arthur or Martha’  This is the pre-judgement camp and gay men face daily

Do we need a token male in this city?

  • Lets start by debunking feminist myths. Not about hating men but embracing equality for ALL.    Intersectional Feminism!

If feminism was more clearly defined/explained for students and young people, I think they’d agree more

I don’t think naming courses ‘sex and prostitutes’ or similar to attract more students to gender issues is the right way – maybe problematical because it’s gaining (male) interest though sexualisation of women’s issues?

Your boyfriend cant keep the house, he’s a bloke!                

(to a lesbian couple) ‘so who’s the man in the relationship’?

‘someone must wear a strap on right’? is one I’ve heard    Also the assumption that both people in a  lesbian relationship must have ‘female bodies’ (ie. vaginas) erases the identities of trans women and harmfully associates  ‘genitals= gender’

What does being a feminist mean to archaeologists?

If younger students think ‘feminist’ is a dirty word, how on earth do I explain to them why I study what I do?

Most young women would probably state that they agree with equality- it is a lack of understanding of feminist issues that leads them to state that they are not feminists!


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