Related projects, events & links

Projects and networks:

Lexicon “Sex and Gender in Antiquity” Webpage and Discussion Forum

Engaged Anthropology Grant: outreach with community groups in Turey

EuGeStA (European network on Gender Studies in Antiquity) is an international network which brings together European researchers working from the perspectives developed in Gender Studies in different disciplinary fields of Antiquity : literature, philosophy, history, history of art, history of religion, law, medicine, economics, archaeology…

Mirlo Positive Nature, a people to people social enterprise which aims to empower concerned  individuals, (via an on-line community @ ), to fund and implement environmental solutions that are beneficial to the local economy. After successfully funding the reforestation of a woodland area in the Canary islands, their second project aims to fund an all-female hiking team to embark on a 6 week journey to survey the Spanish section of the International Appalachian Trail. Please spread the word.

Perceptions of Pregnancy: From Medieval to Modern: An interdisciplinary network for researchers working on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

Forthcoming Events:

Binary bind: deconstructing sex and gender dichotomies in archaeological practice. Session at the European Association of Archaeologists Conference, Istanbul, September 2014

Seventh Arachne conference: Women, Power and Agency in Antiquity, October 2014, Finland (

Socrel Response Event: Achieving Gender Equality in the Academy: Intersections, Interrogations and Practices. Venue: BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London
Date:  Saturday 4 October 2014, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Past Events:

Gender Equality and Career Development in Arts and Humanities. 7th March 2014, Swansea University, funded by the British Academy

Women in Archaeology, York Archaeological Trust, 15th March 2014.


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